Manufacturing, Research and Development of Fluid Filled Bladder Devices.

Core Competences within Phlebology, Diabetics and Therapeutic Bodywear.

High-Frequency Welding, Fluid Bladders, Phlebology, Diabetics 

and Therapeutic Leg- and Footwear

ProBody Scandinavia was founded in the 90ies, initially specializing within development of fluid filled bladders for phlebology market applications. Later, deriving from the phlebology technology developed, medical legwear, medical footwear and diabetics has been added to the portfolio of technology competences as a logical off-spring extension.



The foundation started initially, as a first step, as a result of all the processes relating to the development of a new fluid bladder footwear product.

The development included many processes. First of all, many trial and errors were necessary to establish the correct product specifications. ProBody Scandinavia has tested over 50 different materials and/or material combinations for thermoplastic films and coated fabrics. In parallel, ProBody Scandinavia has tested over 30 different fluid combinations for bladders. These trials were the first foundations of the core competences of the company today.

Second, ProBody Scandinavia has obtained, as of today, a total of 6 patents, namely 2 European Patents and 4 US Patents. ProBody Scandinavia also possesses today a number of registered trademarks, such as Liqua Care, Viva Care, Easy Step and more. The process of product strategy and associated intellectual property rights is an integral part of any research & development.

Third, identifying the most relevant end-user and market segments is another crucial integral part of product development, there has to be a need and application of the intented product development. Initially, the first area of phlebology applications was discovered, and gradually, during the 1990ies and early 2000, ProBody Scandinavia conducted so much research, that it considers itself as having a core competence within phlebology today. The main off-spring from this competence currently relates to diabetics, medical stockings and footwear.

After these developments, and major investments in testing machines, patents, and process developments, ProBody Scandinavia decided to offer its intellectual property rights to customers, either on a licensing basis or as a consulting service. 

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